The number of things you can get to do with your loved one in the open outdoors is countless. You can go for a hike, ride a bike and if the weather is warm, a swim might do. On the other hand, things to do indoors tend to be fewer, especially as a couple. Alone you can get to play a game through 888 casino VIP, but as a couple, the options are limited. But are they?

Unquestionably, you will find most couples either in bed or on the couch. And these two locations can be places to play a game with your partner if going out is not an option.

  1. Poker

The number one game you and your loved one can get to is poker. All you will need is a deck of cards, instructions if need be, and voila. The rules are not complicated and relatively easy to grasp so much so, both of you will enjoy this game. You could make the game enjoyable by placing a trophy to the winner. For instance, the winner gets a massage or a gift. It will, for sure, make the game fun.

  1. Jenga

Jenga is another fun-filled game that you and your partner can get to experience indoors. The set of the Jenga blocks can be bought from most stores and are available in different sizes. Regardless of what you decide on, your partner and you will enjoy carefully building and demolishing the blocks. The thrill of not dropping the tower is so exhilarating and will have you begging for another round.

  1. Chess

If you and your partner prefer a more laid-back, critical thinking game, then chess is the perfect game for you. The excursion of protecting of your empire and infiltrating your partners by taking it down piece by piece will have you wanting another round. This black and white board adventure is not only entertaining but makes you think critically and tactically, sharpening your wits even in other situations.

  1. Monopoly

The Monopoly game is yet another exciting board game that can keep both you and your spouse entertained while you spend time indoors. Through the buying and selling of property through dice rolls will bring out the hustler in both of you. The game of Monopoly will have you occupied for hours that you will not realize time passing you by. And the best thing about this game is that it has no end. Well, as long as you do not run out of money, you are good.

  1. Scrabble

If words are your thing, both of you could go head to head on finding out who is better with words. You could make the game more exciting by making the word selection genre-based. For example, romantic words, scientific names, foods, or something else.


As seen above, staying indoors does not have to be boring. The time spent playing these games is eminent in your bonding, and you learn more about your partner. So much so, come rain come sunshine, summer or winter, you and your loved one have something to do, whether indoors or outdoors.