Are you interested in casinos or betting online? Maybe both areas have something of interest to you? Well, you came to the right place then. We’ve prepared a guide for beginners and will be answering their most frequently asked questions. Once you’ve equipped yourself with this knowledge, you can confidently sign up on website or any other online platform and have more fun and/or more chances of winning. Let’s begin!

Does casino or betting online offer better odds?

In general, the casino house edge varies from 0.5% to around 20% with most games. However, if your casino offers Keno and some other games, the house edge can be even larger.

Sports bookmakers always create a safety cushion for themselves to make the most (or lose the least) amount of money possible, but since the outcome of events is never 100% sure, the house doesn’t have an edge, per se. Different stats show different results, but it seems that anywhere between 70% and 85% of players’ bets long-term are losing.

Which casino games have the best odds?

There are so many casino games out there, that we can’t evaluate and compare them all. However, we’ll give the TOP 3 games with the best odds for the player.

  1. Blackjack – approx. 0.55-2% (if you optimize your playing strategy, you can get the house edge to as low as 1%). Pontoon is a Blackjack game (variation) that has the lowest house edge of all.
  2. Baccarat – starts from 1% but you need to be careful to pick where you play.
  3. French Roulette has a house edge of a mere 1.35% but the edge for Euro roulette is at 2.6% and 5.2% for the American version.

Which casino games have the worst odds?

The TOP3 games with the worst odds for the player or the biggest house edge are wheel of fortune, Keno, and slot machines. They have a house edge that usually starts from 24%, 16%, and around 5% respectively.

What returns can I realistically expect from sports betting?

If you’re very knowledgeable and are able to predict accurately, like a pro bettor, you can expect to have around 53-56% of winning bets. Hence, your returns could be around 3-6%.

What are the requirements for betting and casinos online?

Requirements are usually age-related. If you are 18 or older (depending on the jurisdiction), you can play in casinos and bet online. Also, you need an e-wallet or a bank account to bankroll your profile.

What can I do if online casinos and/or sports betting is banned or restricted in my country?

You can change your DNS settings, use a VPN (although you lose out on bonuses this way) or find unrestricted casinos.

Which card games aren’t included in online casino games?

Most card games are playable in casinos. However, if you’re familiar with solitaire, durak and other games which you might play with friends or colleagues, they might not be available. If you’re interested in card games on casinos, visit to learn more!