Agile ball is a widely known gambling game in the world. In Indonesia, Asia Bet King has proven its quality when it comes to providing the best bola tangkas games not only in Indonesia, but as well as in different parts of Southeast Asia. In this article, we will tackle the quality, efficiency and fun experience of Asia Bet King’s online Agile Ball gambling games.

Bola Tangkas Games without Bot at Asia Bet King

Designed by a group of Mickey Mouse gambling players and bettors way back in the 90’s, Asia Bet King’s online agile ball gambling games has proven its efficiency and comfort towards its players. Veteran players and even newcomers can enjoy this famous gambling games which enables them to win as easy as they would have expected.

Playing Agile Ball games requires 7 cards which will be given on the first match, each card has either a pair or a combination that bettors and participants will then take. These combinations are similar to the combinations found in poker, it just that in the Agile ball gambling game, 7 cards are used and can be referred to as 7 Stud Poker.

Each combination has a designated value which then can be converted to real money, allowing players and bettors to win easily. Each combination is composed of: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind and Five of a Kind. Each combination varies in value, increasing the excitement and thrill of all the players participating in the game.

With Asia Bet King, players will have an efficient and digital experience of the game. This is as Asia Bet King offers an online version of their Agile Ball gambling games. This allows an individual to play the game through their pc and even on their handheld smartphones both Android and iOS.

This feature requires registration, which can be reached by clicking this link Transactions are also done via Online, this is the main reason why Asia Bet King requires players to register. Registration is easy and fast, and if you have questions and concerns, their 24-hour customer support service is always ready to assist you with your concerns regarding your account or the game. Necessary information is also given by the customer service personnel, giving you the all the information you need in order to experience a fun and exciting online Agile Ball gambling game experience.


Asia Bet King offers the best, trusted and secured bola tangkas games, which can be played on your smartphones. Allowing players and bettors to experience the fun and exciting experience anytime, anywhere. With Asia Bet King, playing the  best agile ball gambling game online, is just one click and one swipe away.