Going into low stakes poker when you have more than enough cash rolling around is not always a good thing. The problem with low stakes is you actually stand less of a chance of developing into a profitable player. There are however advantages and disadvantages of being able to afford losing your cash.

Having more than enough cash can ruin your mind set. Most businessmen will not even throw away a dollar, or at least most successful businessmen won’t. All casino games should be treated in the same way as they are at www.c9bets.com casinos.

If you are going into 100-ringgit casino game 20,000 ringgit in the bank account, you are probably not going to even flinch as you go all in with your 1,000-ringgit chip stack that you bought into the table with. However, you should flinch and think before you, or you are in fact just gambling on luck. You may as well go on the Blackjack tables or roulette while you are at it. Although for some, poker is just about the gamble, which is fine. The players that play for the gamble are the reason there are so many poker pros out there.

The only one advantage of being able to throw away your money is that you can call hands you would normally be afraid of calling because you are worried about your cash flow. Wealthier players at the table obviously don’t have to worry, and as with the above paragraph many will just gamble anyway.

Even so, if you have plenty of cash, then you are in the best spot to take the game more seriously and turn that cash into even more cash! The reason being is because if you play the game mathematically and with the correct judgement, so play poker the way it is supposed to be played instead of gambling,  there will come a point where you will get paid off on a big hand and make a profit. The pros have stacks of cash too, but they don’t throw it away!

Making a profit is played the same way by those with stacks of cash and those who do not have the cash to back them up. The difference is that you can take a little more risk if you are not scared of the money.

That means you can speculate more to accumulate more, while those without the back- up have to pass up far more opportunities and thus miss far more big hands. This does sound a little contradictory, but it really isn’t. In short, if you are flush, don’t chase stupid hands, but use your cash to chase the right hands rather than gamble on the wrong hands, and you will soon be in the money.