Football has always been a very popular sport for people to bet on, it’s probably the most bet on sport in the world to this day. There are many platforms with online betting options to choose from and the choice at the moment has to be the bet builders. Bet builders are now the most used tool across all different betting platforms with punters being able to choose and build their bets which have proven to be very popular amongst football fans that place bets. Football is the most-watched and bet on sport in the world with the fan base being over 100 million people. Millions of football bets are placed each week and now that fans can attend games again due to lockdown being lifted there are even more bets being placed due to fans at the live games seeing first-hand what is happening during the games and what bets to put on in the second half. COVID caused the closure of most sporting events around the world for a certain amount of time which led to bookies having to close due to there being no live sports to place bets on at all. Now that restrictions have been eased around the world football is once again being back in the bookies by millions of people each week.

There have been many different football bets placed this year, but the best ones are coming from people using bet builders with you being able to build your own bet with many different selections to choose from, you can choose from a player to score or to get a yellow card to how many goal kicks and throw-ins. These are just a few examples that you can choose from but there are many more options on bet builders. COVID caused a huge surge in online casinos and bookmaker’s online users during the pandemic with more people than ever before signing up to make an account and have a bet on different types of sports. Football bets are currently at a record high with no signs of slowing down anytime soon, this season has been the most bet on for many years due to football fans making up for the lost time in the bookies. There are always new markets being added to the betting platforms, so football fans have always got something different to choose from when it comes to placing their bets each week.