Although sports betting is easily the most popular kind of betting, it’s not the only real type of wagering available. With elevated competition, sportsbooks are attempting to attract players by providing both bets on occasions not directly associated with sport or fully unrelated into it.

Betting on Politics

The 2nd most widely used field for bets is politics, especially with regards to presidential elections. Thus, during elections within the U.S. in 2008, sportsbooks set Hillary Clinton like a popular with a ratio of 5 to at least one. However, politicians frequently get involved in additional extravagant betting. So in 2005, one firm required bets on “What’s going to happen with George Plant?” One of the options there have been “his impeachment” (30 to at least one), “he’ll grow a beard” (30 to at least one), “he’ll have fun playing the recording of the music CD” (10 to at least one). Most bookmakers saw Bush’s divorce together with his wife because the most unbelievable event (100 to at least one).

Betting on Sports Politics

In case your heart still gravitates towards the sport, but you are fed up with goals, points and minutes, it is simple to bet on sports politics, for example “By which country will FIFA European Cup 2020 take place”.

Other Non-Sporting Bets

A well known subject for betting isn’t just the outcomes from the athletes but additionally their personal lives. So in situation of divorce David and Victoria Beckham bookmakers pays winnings for a price of four to at least one. So when the press rumors that Michael Schumacher’s wife will increase bust size, the sportsbooks immediately begin taking bets on “Whose wife among F1 motorists would be the next who’ll increase her breast?” The tiniest ratio is around the wife of Kimi Raikkonen (3 to at least one).

Scientific Occasions

At a time of technological progress online bookmakers can’t bypass scientific achievements and breakthroughs. The main bets falls on developments associated with space. Here’s design of bookmakers on “Will people find Mars?” which was succumbed 2004:

* Yes, by December 31, 2010 – coefficient 101

* Yes, by December 31, 2015 – coefficient 31

* Yes, by December 31, 2025 – coefficient 6

Betting around the Weather

A person without betting experience would tell you just how the elements forecast is really a difficult and often impossible task. Therefore, there’ll always be bookmakers wishing to create a profit on people’s divinations if this begins to rain or snow. In England and Ireland you are able to bet not just around the phenomena of nature but additionally on air temperature.