Poker is card game where certain rules of the game decide which hand is the winner. Poker game differs depending on different rules, but every game with different rules includes many rounds of betting. However, poker game isn’t an easy game because it requires lot of calculation, knowledge, smartness, and confidence. This comes with practice.

The finest way to become skillful in poker game is by considering poker practice against a computer. There are various online poker games of different levels. Beginners can try easy level poker games where money isn’t involved. Gradually, when you get a hang of it, then you can switch to one level above. Slowly you get knowledge, but never underestimate your rival as online it is difficult to judge a person as you can’t see them and their facial expressions. is a poker online site which is handled by a teenager, Tena. She is a poker lover and has played professionally as well. Her online site consists of various blogs only on poker. So those who aren’t aware of this game, or don’t get much information online can always peek into this website to get proper information on poke game. She helps with various tips on poker game which works in practice.

Here are some tips to make you better poker player –

  • Don’t play many hands because paying too much doesn’t mean you’ll win every time. When you feel you have played many hands and spend too much money, you need to stop right there.
  • Poker is a mind game, therefore while playing you should be super attentive. Hence, don’t play when you’re drunk, especially in casinos where people go with the flow, drink plenty while gambling and lose hands.
  • Generally, people love bluffing while playing poker. However, it should not be done with every player, especially those who frequently call for showdown, thus bluff works only in specific situations.
  • Don’t continue the game just because you have put in lot of money. If you feel in between the game that your cards aren’t favorable, quit instantly, because by not doing so, you’ll keep losing more money.
  • When you feel your opposite partner has good hand of cards, then quit game instantly, instead of continuing till the end where you lose all your money.
  • Poker needs lot of concentration and patience. Thus don’t play when you’re occupied with something in your mind, or have different mood which might not favor in-game.
  • Know your opponents by observing their gestures and hands in games. Also, remember all cards that were folded and shown, this way you’ll know exactly when to bluff, show or quit.

If you know some tactics of playing poker, you can become a smart player. However, never start with bigger limits. It is better to play initially for free online to get a hang of it.