If you are getting bored with all the traditional entertainment options that South African online casinos can offer, here is a new type of gambling fun for you! YesPlay has enriched its extensive collection of live dealer casino games with yet another thrilling title by Evolution Gaming. Called Lightning Dice, it is an enjoyable mix of the classic dice game and the best modern features of Lightning Roulette. With multipliers of up to 1000X and the RTP of 96.21%, this glamorous art deco style offering will become one of the most popular live dealer options available to YesPlay users.

What is Lightning Dice?

Developed by a recognized market leader in the live casino gaming sphere, lightning dice is a desktop- and mobile-friendly game that features a novel dice-rolling mechanic, where extra bonuses in the form of Lightning Multipliers come on each throw, promising wins of up to 1,000 times the original bet.

The game takes place in a live studio exquisitely decorated to give you the feel of a posh casino setting. The camera follows every move of the host to make sure players are not missing out on anything important here. The maze-like arrangement in the center will always be within your sight, as will the lever and the dice, to help you keep track of the game’s happenings.

How to play Lightning Dice:

If you have any experience with Sic Bo online, you already know how to play this exciting and fast-paced game. And even if you are new to online dice rolling, it won’t take you long to master the basic rules, as they are very straightforward.

You must place your wager on a number between 3 and 18 to begin the game. All wagers are placed on the numbers located in the lower part of the screen. The show host pulls the lever after placing three dice atop the maze-like arrangement in the middle of the room. The winning numbers will be announced once the dice have moved through the tower.

Why play Lightning Dice on YesPlay?

With rewards being so juicy and so easy to win, Lightning Dice is an online dice game that is too good to pass on. If you are ready to embrace the new type of live gaming experience, YesPlay is the best place to do so in South Africa! This handy and secure betting platform offers you all the right tools and features to make your gambling session a smashing success and ensure your online casino time is well spent!