Indonesia having about 85% Muslim population is extremely strict about gambling. The reason behind is this religion sees gambling as a major crime. So, if you are planning to play poker in this country it involves high risk and you can even be caught by the cops. If you are caught red-handed in the process of gambling, you can be thrashed badly or even put behind the bars for ten years. Inspite of such consequences, you will find that a lot of best poker players belong to this country. Since, the police regularly tracks the underground casinos, hence people are automatically getting inclined to the online option which is safe and definitely conveniently. Though online poker can be played from the comfort of your home, there are certain safety measures you need to adopt there as well. The most important point is always using a proxy server. In this case, you need to login from some international site that doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of Indonesia.

How to choose a trustworthy site

Choosing a trustworthy site can be a challenging task. Always go a site that is safe and tried by others previously. On doing proper research, you would come across a good number of situs poker online in Indonesia which you can consider. Mentioned below are some of the steps that can help you choose a reliable site:

  • Pick a poker site that has a higher rate of winning, preferably between 80-95%.
  • Go for the oldest site that has a good track record of doing business for sometime
  • Select a site with a good number of members, this basically indicates that they provide satisfactory service to guide you anytime

The different options

In a country like Indonesia where gambling is simply banned, withdrawal and deposit of funds from the online poker accounts can be sometimes difficult. You can try out the simplest deposit procedure i.e. using a credit card. Here, again the process of withdrawal is tough comparatively. The other common ways of depositing and withdrawing are through eWallet, NetTeller, Skrill etc. You can give a try and see which one works the best.

Future of poker in Indonesia

Irrespective of the stringent laws existing in Indonesia, the craze for online poker games have continuously increased. Here, in this country you will never come across any simple lottery game as gambling in every form is discouraged. It is even anticipated that with the passing time, government will make the gambling laws even tough. This could also lead to restricting the internet access and making the deposit and withdrawal process more tough in the various poker sites. But, inspite of this strict opposition from the government, Indonesia still has good prospect when it comes to online poker games. Being a Muslim dominated country, you won’t find any local online gambling sites, if interested you have to visit the international sites that operate. Due to a good number of tourists visiting the country even if the Muslim natives don’t show interest in such situs poker online, the tourists visiting the country will keep up the glory of the business.