Jackpot- this small word can draw the attention of millions of casino players in this world. Several casino players have a goal of winning a big jackpot by playing games. But, all gamblers do not get the luck’s favor and cannot win the jackpots. Still, before playing casino games on any platform, it is important to learn about the types of NetBet jackpot. Two major categorizations of jackpots are the standard and progressive ones.

Standard casino jackpots

Most commonly, casinos offer these standard jackpots to their players. It refers to the main prize for playing the casino game. Moreover, you will find standard jackpots in a range of sizes. But, the most important thing is that they are fixed. The number of bets you have lost and won will not affect the jackpot. However, in case of online slot games, it is not easy to identify standard jackpots, as several games present you with multipliers. That is why the top jackpot can vary with your stake size.

Several slot games on the casino platforms provide you with tiered jackpots. They can be Mega, Mini, and Major jackpots for casino players. Poker, blackjack, and other table games also offer standard jackpots.

Progressive casino jackpots

Some players who are not satisfied with standard jackpots like to play progressive jackpot games. These jackpots can be the most thrilling options for gamblers. The casino does not mention the jackpot size, as the size keeps on increasing online with every bet of casino players. When players lose the bet, the jackpot size becomes bigger. Ultimately, the winner gets the biggest prize.

Nowadays, progressive jackpots have a connection to a network. The most prominent progressive jackpot game was from Microgaming. For instance, several players have played Mega Moolah to win a big jackpot of £13.2 million. Jon Heywood (a British soldier) has won the jackpot.

Choosing the right jackpot slot

To make a perfect choice, you need to focus on some important factors-

Winning frequency

Although the progressive jackpot pays you a high amount, it is harder to win. Thus, as you prefer a jackpot with the best odds, standard slot games are the right choice.

Moreover, some progressive jackpot games have a comparatively low RTP.  That is why you will get smaller wins in standard casino games. Your gaming session may not be interesting for you. The RTP of the game is about 96.2%. But while playing the game, Wheel Of Fortune, you can find the RTP dropped to 93.2%.

Time and budget

When there are several progressive jackpot games, you need to bet a high amount to qualify and win a prize. It will cause problems with your budget. Thus, with tighter budgets, you can play the standard jackpot games.


You may not find several special features in progressive slots. Standard slots have several graphics and interesting gameplay.

You can now make the right decision on your casino jackpots. Choose the right casino games for your fun.