In Indonesia, you will not come across too many good online poker sites. Calculation says, from a total figure of around 2000, only 5% practically which comes down to some saying only 100 offers you some of the best services. To determine which the best of the lot is, certain aspects need to be considered.

How to test

While looking for poker online terpercaya sites, there are specific ways you can check the authenticity of the website you are planning to invest in. Firstly, a valid license from a legitimate gaming authority is a must. Also, when you go through the user reviews the site should have a good reputation, transparency, and accessibility. A proper blend of all these qualities is a must for any official website. Secondly, adequate homework is essential. Finding a reliable online poker site is not a joke, it requires a lot of serious effort and research. You have to Google a lot, consider the reviews available in the free forums and be patient before you deposit your money with any of the sites. Once you are entirely comfortable with all the terms and conditions and feedback then only take your final call. Lastly, it is the safety associated with the transactions. As a poker player, considering this factor is highly critical. Those who play for real money, the authenticity of the financial transactions, the various modes and tie-ups plays an important role.

The aspects to be considered

Every poker site has certain characters so to conveniently choose from a long list you need to consider several aspects like:

  • The background check- Before playing with any of the poker sites, it is always advised to do a thorough background check of the same.
  • Consider the recommendations by word of mouth – Any good online poker site will get a lot of positive feedback from the players. So, go with what the majority has to say.
  • The game server – This is an essential factor that needs to be considered while selecting any poker site. So, try and collect information regarding the type of server or game software used by the site. Currently, PokerV and IDN Play are two most popular servers.
  • The bonus offers – This is probably one of the best attraction point offered by any suitable site.
  • The security issue – As a player, you need to be secured. This is the prime reason for you to make sure that the site you want to play with adopts the best security measures that allow you to deposit and withdraw money conveniently.

Factors determining the rank of online poker sites

When the poker online terpercaya sites are ranked there are several factors on which the judgment is based on. Some of the factors that are worth mentioning are the traffic amount, how convenient it is for the players interested in real money in terms of cash deposit and withdrawal, the response of the customer service department, the availability of the bonus amount promised and other promotional offers.