The single bet, also called head-to-head, is the simplest bet. You predict the result of one match within the official playing time. So no extensions. Whether you predict the victory of the home team (the 1), or you predict the victory of the visitors (the 2), or you predict a draw (the X).

Multiple bets

If you want to play a combination of multiple head-to-head bets this is a multiple bet. You then play on combined results from multiple matches. Some bookmakers use a minimum number of matches but with most bookmakers you can already make a multiple bet on two different matches.

Asian Handicap

For an explanation about the Asian Handicap you can look in the menu under Game Explanation> Asian handicap.

3 Way Handicap

The 3 Way Handicap is a variation on the Asian Handicap. This type of bet, however, is less advantageous because, in contrast to the Asian Handicap, a draw is also possible. One of the two teams starts with a 1-0 deficit and then you can close the bet on a win for the home team, a win for the away team or a draw.

Betting Exchange

For an explanation about Betting Exchange you can look in the menu under Game explanation> Betting Exchange.

Draw No Bet

Draw No Bet is a type of bet that is now offered by most online bookmakers. The setup is quite simple; it is a bet where you get the bet back if the match ends in a draw. No profit, no loss. For more you can pay a visit to in this matter now.

Rest-end position

At the betting you try to predict the result of the match during the rest and at the end of the game. With most bookmakers you can bet as a single bet or combine it in a multiple combination.

Over / under betting

With Over / under bets you try to predict whether a certain team achieves more or less than the predefined criterion. Often, these types of bets are offered to predict the number of goals or the number of corners during a match. Over / under betting often forms the basis for so-called “Free Risk Bets”. The bookmakers’ quotes regularly differ in such a way that it does not matter whether you bet on the Cover of under situation. You always win with such a combination. Read an extensive article about “Under / Over Goals” here

In addition, there are many other football bets such as predicting the first goal scorer, the number of scored goals during a match, the number of red or yellow cards during a match, etc.

There is always an uncertain factor when betting on football. Even though you have taken all possible steps to conclude the ideal football bet, there are unpredictable factors. For example, if the star player who scores in almost all matches during the warm-up gets injured.