People with various names given by his fans and admirers, Scotty Nguyen was in all respects a true hero of the poker world Baccarat Online. Most of the time, also known by the name of “The Train” for his ability to gain and a fast game and waterfalls. It was one of those professional players who have become legends for future generations. When it comes to credibility, are sufficient and for this reason is legitimate as expensive as the “prince” of this fascinating world. Scotty Nguyen won four bracelets so far and his players respect as his older brother and opponents fear him as the devil. In addition to his remarkable four bracelets, also met with thirty-four fishermen money, which is quite one of the most experienced players so far.

Scotty Nguyen is a Vietnamese origin, but it does in the United States. It was not until his teens, when the green poker table attracted him more and was conquered by the passion of poker in no time. Early in his life, was a poker dealer, producing other interests and became a hero of him. Besides being a poker champion, is one of the world’s richest players too. Besides being one of the most active players in professional poker today, man is also the bearer of credit to participate in poker games types in no time.

For example, the very talented player has participated in more than 100 silver poker events where caught. His poker career achievements so far was his championship at the World Series of Poker 1998. A man of great credibility is famous for various kinds of interesting things you used to make poker tables. His favorite words “baby” are like your best companion to the games he plays with great emotions. Scotty Nguyen has also introduced some keywords in the discipline of poker. For example, every time there is a bad beat, laughed and said: “It’s poker baby”.

Scotty Nguyen player experience has always been known for their expertise in various types of solid play No Limit Hold’em and Seven-Card Stud Omaha Events Scotty Nguyen The most interesting is not just a poker player that his talent is multidimensional. He co-starred in the poker movie “The Big Blind” in 2003, which is a great joy to every corner of the world. It was one of those poker players in the world with high gain and, where appropriate, the proportion is over 80%. Scotty Nguyen believes he understands the psychology of the players and for this reason it is played in a very relaxed way. This is true, as has always been the wild card in the WSOPs for many years and recently became the second in the same event last year (2007), where he won $ 110,731.